Download 0.10.3
Git Repository

There is also a public Github repository available on our Github page.


The latest stable release is MediaDrop 0.10.3 and can be either checked out via github or downloaded (Changelogs 0.10.3 and prior versions (also known as MediaCore CE) 0.10.2, 0.10.1). Our release notes for the 0.10 major release list fixed bugs and explain new features. The documentation also have a detailed upgrade guide.

There is also MediaDrop 0.9.4 (also known as MediaCore CE 0.9.4) which is the previous stable release (Download). However we recommend using the latest stable release as it contains a lot of bug fixes and improvements.

Community Support

If you run into issues, please refer to our community forums. There is also a mailing list for developers and users who prefer email. You will also want to take a look at our documentation to learn how to install MediaDrop and its dependent libraries.

Release Notification

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