MediaCore 0.10.1 bugfix release

Today we published MediaCore CE 0.10.1 which is a bugfix release with only very minor new features. The update is recommended for all MediaCore CE operators even though the new version does not contain security fixes.

New Features

  • add OpenGraph meta data to media pages so Facebook displays a thumbnail and a description for shared media (contributed by Elishowk).
  • This release comes with a complete Chinese translation (contributed by kdumporg)

Bug fixes

  • fix exception on the media page when the corresponding media didn't have any media files attached.
  • The built-in error reporting (when the user encounters the "whoopsidaisy" page) is now compatible with the default Apache configuration. Previously the error reports could not be sent because the Apache alias for '/error' shadowed the controller method (solved by moving the code in MediaCore CE to '/errrors').
  • plugins can now use Genshi's i18n functionality to translate their templates and use the MediaCore CE translation for "global" UI elements like the nav bar.
  • fixed exception when uploading a new thumbnail manually.

Other changes (mainly relevant for developers)

  • Added ability to check the template variables returned by a controller call through the ControllerTestCase.
  • The URL generator in unit tests is now configured like a regular one so it also knows about plugin routes.
  • feed links are now added in controller functions to reduce the crazy Genshi py:match stuff

The upgrade should be simple and does not require any database changes. To upgrade you can simply extract the new source code, activate the virtualenv and run 'python develop' (provided that your data directory is not within the MediaCore CE source code as recommended in the documentation).

Download: MediaCore CE 0.10.1

Last but not least...

If you didn't do that already, please subscribe to our announce mailing list (very low traffic) so you don't miss new releases or information about security vulnerabilities. The primary place for support and talk about MediaCore CE is our web forum (RSS feed). If you have a question or you found a bug, just post there – and if you're a true MediaCore expert you can give something back by helping other users. There is also a mailing list for developers and users who prefer email.