Built-inPlayer API

Hook into our player API to add your own HTML5, Flash, Silverlight, or JAVA player. See the player API documentation for more information on how you can customize the player experience further.

Built-inStorage Engine API

The storage engine API makes it possible to store and/or transcode your video anywhere on the web. If you would like to add integration with BrightCove or for transcoding, this is made possible via our storage engine API.

Built-inOverride default behavior

Subscribe to events throughout the application’s lifecycle to augment or override default behavior. You can use Genshi match templates to alter any of the templates in any way or add custom metadata fields to the media creation interface.

Built-inYour own controllers, models, templates, files

Create your own controllers, models, templates and files. If you are a Python developer interested in extending MediaDrop further, you will find helpful support in the community forums.

Official Plugins

These plugins are created/maintained by the MediaDrop developers so they are usually in sync with the latest stable version and you can check out the code to learn how to tackle common problems (e.g. adding fields to a form, adding a new box to a field).

Download | More InfoPandaStream Encoding Plugin

PandaStream provides a web service which can automatically transcode the videos you upload to MediaDrop and store it in Amazon's cloud infrastructure (S3).

Download | More InfoYouTube Import Plugin

The plugin allows you to load complete YouTube channels into your MediaDrop instance instead of adding each video manually. Also there is a command-line client so you can scan the channels periodically. Please note that we use the official YouTube API so this plugin can not be used to download actual video files from YouTube into MediaCore.

Download | More InfoSEO Plugin

The SEO plugin optimizes your MediaDrop site for search engines. The plugin allows you to add common SEO elements such as title, description and keywords to any media item. Additionally you can set site-wide titles and descriptions for pages such as the explore, media library and podcasts sections. Using this plugin will help with your sites overall search ranking and indexing.

Download | More InfoEdit Views Plugin

This plugin allows an administrator to edit the number of views on a media item. This is useful for scenarios where organizations already have videos on YouTube that have a certain view-count and wish to bring that view-count over to their MediaDrop installation.

Contributed Plugins/Addons

These plugins and addons are built by members of the MediaDrop community. Please note that we can't endorse any of these as we did not test or reviewed these addons. Use at your own risk!

More InfoUpload Plugin

This plugin implements the JSON upload API from the MediaCore cloud so you can add/upload media from a remote machine (using any language you like including Ruby, PHP, Java, C#). This is great so you can implement a migration script from another platform or integrate MediaDrop more closely into your workflow.

More Infoffmpeg batch encoder (php daemon)

A tiny PHP daemon for local encoding with ffmpeg. It scans the MediaCore database for unencoded media, transcodes them into mp4 and then adds the transcoded versions to the database. The daemon is pretty basic and contains some hardcoded settings but might be an interesting starting point if you want to do local transcoding.

If you created a MediaDrop plugin or some addon, please let us know so we can mention your contribution as well.