A collection of 0 or more closely-related audio and/or video files and metadata that describes them. See for the definition in code.
A unique, search-engine-friendly identifier for an item. It is made up of purely alphanumeric characters and hyphens.

A set of pre-determined flags describing a content item:

  • publish
  • draft
  • trash
  • unencoded
  • unreviewed
  • user_flagged

See mediadrop.model.statuses.

A keyword or term that describes some aspect of a content item. Typically these can be more specific than topic‘s because they can be created on an ad hoc basis.
A category of content. Unlike tag‘s these are not created on an ad-hoc basis: generally you confine yourself to a small list of topics because the list should be easy to read over for users.
Audio or video that is not in a web-friendly format.
Audio or video that has been added, but doesn’t have admin approval yet.
You're reading the documentation for MediaDrop 0.11dev (current git master). For the latest stable release please consult the documentation for MediaCore CE 0.10.

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