Quick Installation OverviewΒΆ

If you’re already familiar with installing Pylons apps, here’s a quick run-down of how to install MediaDrop.

If you’re not already familiar with the process, head to the main Installation page for a more detailed description of the process.

  1. Ensure that you have development headers for MySQL, libjpeg, zlib, freetype, and Python installed.
  2. Create and activate a new virtualenv.
  3. Run python setup.py develop to install MediaDrop and its dependencies.
  4. For production, run paster make-config mediacore deployment.ini and to create a unique deployment.ini config. On development machines there’s already a development.ini file for you to use.
  5. Configure your database credentials in the ini config file.
  6. Run paster setup-app path/to/your/config.ini to set up the database tables and data.
  7. Run paster serve path/to/your/config.ini and test it out!
You're reading the documentation for MediaDrop 0.11dev (current git master). For the latest stable release please consult the documentation for MediaCore CE 0.10.

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