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As of version 0.9.0, MediaDrop defines methods for hooking into events and for creating extra functionality. A simple plugin might add a new mediadrop.lib.StorageEngine. A more complex one might define a new set of models or a new controller and use the Events system and extra templates to extend the existing actions of MediaDrop to add completely new functionality.

While there is not yet official documentation for MediaDrop’s plugins API (it’s coming!) Felix Schwarz, an active member of the MediaDrop community, has written a good introduction to the system for people that would like to get started right away.

See Felix’s examples at:

Felix is one of our most active community developers. He has been a great help to the MediaDrop development team with his code contributions, documentation, and insights.

Thanks Felix!

Ecoding Installation

Pre Requisites: Please make sure you have installed the Encoding plugin and created a cloud on with your Panda Stream account.

1. Create MediaDrop Storage Engine

Login into your MediaDrop admin panel, and go to Settings > Storage Engines. Click Add New engine > Panda Transcoding and Storage. You can also select which encoding profiles you want to include.

2. Panda Storage Engine Fields

Display Name, recommended to leave it as it is.

3. Panda Account Details

  • Cloud ID

    Login to your PandaStream account, and at the dashboard click on your cloud. On the Cloud dashboard, you’ll see the name of your cloud and the ID. This ID is what you are after for this field.

  • Access Key / Secret Key

    This is your PandaStream API Access Key. Login into PandaStream, and click on API Access.

4. Amazon S3 Info

You need an S3 bucket to save your videos to. Enter the name of your Bucket when creating your Panda Stream Encoding Cloud. You can also enter any CloudFront domains you may have as well. After saving this information you can then go back and select what you want.

You're reading the documentation for MediaDrop 0.11dev (current git master). For the latest stable release please consult the documentation for MediaCore CE 0.10.

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